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We’re not sexy enough or fit enough or sophisticated enough August 24, 2018

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Take a few Medium pressure pumps and picture yourself in your mind’s eye. We’re just plain not good enough the way we are. Here are a few things we can do:-Read inspirational books daily and highlight meaningful passages.

I figured that a guy would have to be a complete idiot in order to allow such a thing to happen. We sorely lack this thing or that thing. Actually, every one of us falls prey to these at some time or another in varying degrees.

However, we also need to be able to envision ourselves enjoying these goals.And no wonder! Just about every form of media is constantly and relentlessly pelting us with messages of our inadequacies. I have since concluded that it has little to do with intelligence. If not, we run a very high risk of sabotaging all our efforts in the end.

PRIME THAT PUMP! Part 3By Rosella ArandaHow healthy is your vision of yourself? How does your mental image of yourself stack up against that of, say, some hero of yours? Let’s find out.If you don’t have any on hand, take one of my favorites for free! Just click on the free stuff: . Baloney!

Not surprisingly, we need to be as constant and relentless in our efforts to feed our minds positive messages. We’re not sexy enough or fit enough or sophisticated enough.If you suffer from insecurities, doubts, or shaky self-esteem, you have plenty of company. Did your vision have to “shift” a little?